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Additional expertise for special audits, other audits and audit reviews

Beside the audit requirement for annual and consolidated financial statements, the law also stipulates other audits for certain situations: e.g. for offers submitted according to the Takeover Act, reorganisations or conversions, management audits of associations or confirmations for numerous subsidies. Audit reviews and voluntary audits also supply important information about the company’s business activities and financial growth, the efficiency of internal processes and possible areas of development.

Using their know-how and extensive experience, our experts are ready to assist with all mandatory or voluntary audit situations. We provide a designated team that looks after all audit matters, so that all of the challenges that arise can be handled in the best manner possible.

Our services 

  • Reviews of financial statements and consolidated financial statements
  • Group reporting packages, interim financial statements
  • Audit and evaluation of the suitability of the entity’s organisational structure
  • Audit of internal control systems
  • Reviews of the adequacy of budgets and plans
  • Forensic audit
  • Analysis of creditworthiness
  • Confirmation of financial covenants, working capital, EBIT
  • Subsidy confirmations (investment grants, cost contributions, export financing, employment bonuses)
  • Audit of favorable treatment of donations and the criteria regarding the deductibility of donations
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  • Veronika Velebová
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  • Christian Oberhumer
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