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Better insights into accounting and annual financial statements

The success of a business is contingent on sound accounting processes, among other things. These processes, which include the preparation of annual financial statements, must be correct, efficient and timely. Using modern work tools, a digital infrastructure and state-of-the-art expertise, we help you manage the growing complexity of your accounting-related challenges.

Off-site work has become the new reality, while the cumbersome process of looking for documents has become a thing of the past. Digital work methods and work tools such as interfaces have become essential features of our work routines. Our experts can handle these issues for you – quickly and efficiently. In addition to relying on its extensive experience and business know-how, our interdisciplinary team also applies the newest technical innovations to implement the latest requirements effectively and on schedule – also with regard to the annual financial statements.

Our services

  • Comprehensive management of financial accounting
  • Frequency of accounting as desired (monthly, weekly, daily)
  • Basic tax compliance, e.g. preparation of VAT returns, control and recapitulation statements, motor vehicle tax returns, real estate tax, excise tax, as well as income tax returns
  • Processing of reports for Intrastat, ČNB, and various other statistics
  • Additional statements according to your individual requirements
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable accounting
  • Continuous VAT compliance
  • Preparation of annual financial statements according to Czech regulations or IFRS, with application of all tax advantages and accounting options
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Representation before state institutions
  • Support during an audit and preparation of documentation for auditors
  • Advice related to accounting
  • Preparation of payments based on joint authorization
  • Assistance in opening bank accounts
  • Use of the latest telebanking software of all major banks
  • The most advanced IT systems to protect against external attacks
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