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Better insights through business modeling

Resilient business plans, forecasts and long-term modeling that reliably identify areas of potential and risks represent an important decision-making basis for companies, but also for lenders, investors and other stakeholders. The experts in our Business Modeling Team can assist you with developing consistent and resilient business concepts. We develop the best solutions for business planning and business management – tailored to your individual situation.

Our analyses deliver comprehensive results and the required transparency, so you can make the right decisions for your investment projects, restructuring processes, transactions or strategic objectives. To this end, our in-house specialists also collaborate with other experts from the accounting, audit, tax, real estate and other specialist fields. Based on this know-how, we prepare business plans and integrated budgets, we model financial developments and opportunities, and we look after reports and presentations so that all stakeholders have access to sound decision-making instruments.

Our services 

Planning and budgeting

  • Budgetary accounting (profit, balance sheet, cash flow planning)
  • Ongoing target-performance comparison
  • Business plans

Financial model development

  • Investment, profitability, and cash flow calculations
  • Mapping of complex financing structures
  • Modeling of alternative financing structures and comparative calculations

Formal model review

  • Review of financial models and evaluation of key financial indicators
  • Financial covenant tests
  • Reporting

Managerial accounting

  • Financial reporting systems
  • Definition of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Preparation of documentation for the supervisory board, shareholders, banks, and other stakeholders

Financial restructuring

  • Financial restructuring concepts
  • Business continuity forecasts
  • Robert Alexa
  • Miroslav Král
    Tax Advisor | Partner
  • Veronika Velebová
    Auditor | Manager
  • Christian Oberhumer
    Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
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